Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting Fresh for 2012

On Thursday, December 29, 2011 I visited the salon.  As a matter of fact, it was my first time going to see this particular stylist.  I explained to her that my ends were really bad. I was experiencing a combination of tangling, split and weak strands throughout my entire head.  I requested for my bad ends to be cut off!  After that, I received a hair treatment and a roller set.  Am I hooked on this new stylist? Nah, I wouldn't say all that. But what I will say, is that my hair definitely feels wayyy stronger now.  If she can get the shiny and soft part down, I think she will be a keeper. 

For 2012, I want to start this journey on a decent foot.  Getting rid of my bad ends was definitely the right thing to do.  Now, all I have to do is take care of my hair properly and be patient with it.

My ends were split so badly that they were curling upwards.

This entire back section loved to tangle. Every time I would run my comb through it, the comb would get stuck where the bad ends started.

My jacked up ends are gone, (for the most part.)

Roller Set results


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

First and foremost, I want to say that I'm an avid lover of hair. But not just any hair- it HAS to be healthy hair.  I had, yes I said HAD healthy hair and now I'm on a quest to take my crown back. It all came tumbling down when I relocated from Memphis, TN to Atlanta, GA.  My hairdresser back in Memphis was an older woman named Stephanie Tony a.k.a Hair Care Extraordinaire, as I like to call her. I compare my former hair pro to a football player. Stephanie's hands were the football player and my hair was from the opposing team.  She tackled my tresses every single hair visit.  To paint a better picture, have you ever been to a stylist who acted as if she was scared to touch your hair? Even to the point where shampoo time sucked and your hair still itched afterward because she was too timid to dig in?  Well Ms. Stephanie wasn't that, LOL!  Anyway, my Straight Request relaxed mane was prone to roller sets, black rinses and conditioning treatments. I call it good ol' fashioned TLC. And sadly, I also call it the past. I found love and a better job which lead me to the Peach State. So, here I am in Atlanta and I never expected to go on this wild goose hunt for a stylist. Wait- let me change that, I never expected to go on this wild goose hunt for a hair care professional.  I'll take hair care, over a hair style any day.  Anyway, I found myself booking flights to Memphis to get my hair done. But after awhile, I came to the realization that I had to let go of my hairdresser of 4 years.  Shortly after, my hair succumbed to the FHI and CHI ceramic irons at various salons throughout the city.  Even though, it looked beautiful and silky on out the outside, truth be told the strength of my hair was deteriorating.  I even reached out to Ms. Stephanie but she was no help. I was no longer a steady client which is a dollar sign (to her, I guess) so I was no longer of any value. I asked her what products she used on my hair and what products  I should purchase from the beauty supply store. It hurt my heart that she would not tell me. I confess that I even boo hoo-ed like a baby over the whole spiel. On one occasion, her reason for not selling me or telling me what she used was, "God told me not to do it." Uhmmm, WTF?! After that, I started watching YouTube heavy! I got addicted fast and became a product junky. I was harming my hair by treating it like a lab rat. I experimented way too much.  To make a long blog post short, my hair fell off as if it was never lush, thick and shiny. It's now fragile, thinned out and just not the same. This blog is for the straight up and down hair lover.  I'm talking about the chicks that are obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with their hair.  Needless to say, I'm on some hair shit.