Monday, July 16, 2012

Newly Natural

It's been awhile since I've posted.  I have been so busy learning this new head of hair, of mine.  I decided to create a video slide of my hair journey from relaxed to newly natural.  My YouTube channel is HairAndMoreISH. Subscribe! I have more videos to come.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Chop

     Yes, the title is correct. I - BIG - CHOPPED.  But it was so unintentional.  Here's what happened:  I took my braids out. Applied conditioner to my hair first, then detangled.  Instead of washing my hair thick ol' transitioning hair in a downward motion, I used all 10 fingertips & massaged my scalp & washed my hair in every which way I wanted to.  I was washing my hair as if  I had a fresh relaxer!  I didn't catch my wrong doing until after I finished shampooing & couldn't understand why my hair was all tangled- then it hit me!  At this point, I was sleepy & my arms were tired. So I cut & hacked my way through the tangles with a pair of shears.  The right side of my head, in the very front was completely chopped down to the natural hair.  I lost good sleep that night..

     The next morning, I woke up & cut to the point of no turning back.  I figured that I was going natural anyway & I didn't plan on being a long term transitioner either.  I went to a hair salon to for them to finish the job for me to all the relaxed ends completely off.  I also got a wash, deep condition & coil style.  I'm not feeling the coil style.  It's not me. Fortunately, I purchased a wig that I really like & will feel comfortable in.  I'll wear the wig to work & my own hair when I'm out with my boyfriend.  He loves my hair like this.  The brother keeps suggesting me to get dreadlocks.  It's too funny.  Anyway, my hair picks are below.  Go easy on me. :-)

On my way to the salon, to get the rest of the relaxed ends off.
All done now. Not feeling it but hey...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Transition Do: Box Braids

     I'm currently 17 weeks post relaxer.  And for the past month, I've been wearing my hair in box braids.  Even though I miss touching my real hair, I really enjoy my braids.  Getting ready takes no time now.  I've washed my braids on two occasions using Shea Moisture shampoo and applied a leave in conditioner afterward.  I feel like a creamy conditioner would be too heavy & possibly leave a residue, so I've opted to go the watery leave in route instead.  Every other day or when my hair feels dry, I spray it with water and seal with extra virgin coconut oil.  My only challenge are my edges.  My boyfriend calls them Beedeebee's. They curl up & feel very dry, crispy, crunchy, you get my point.  Right now, my only solution has been to spray my edges with water then apply Nature's Brew Hair Butter to them. The Nature's Brew has made a difference for the better.  Before that, I was alternating between castor oil & coconut oil which didn't do much to soften my edges.  Below are some photos of my braids.   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Yes, yes I have been away for quite some time & the break has been intentional.  I decided to take a hair hiatus, as I like to call it.  I felt myself becoming overly obsessed with my hair- again.  So, I had to take  50 steps back. That included staying away from blogging, reading other blog posts, purchasing hair products & anything else that I needed to take a hair time out on.  

A few posts back, I decided that I was going to go back to the salon & refrain from doing my hair at home.  I went to the salon for one visit.  But since then, I've been utilizing the DIY method.  I'm currently 14 weeks post relaxer & ready to big chop already, lol.  But seriously, I'm not scared of cutting my hair off & that's probably because I'm scissor happy anyway.  Will I be comfortable with my twa?  I doubt it.  I will just wear a wig whenever that time comes.  For the time being, I have my hair braided in medium size box braids.  I went to an African braider this past Thursday.  The last time I had braids was maybe in the 5th grade.  I opted for braids to give my hair the break that it needs.  I will post some pics of my roller sets, new growth & my braids tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The "T" Word

I've decided to try to transition from relaxed to natural hair.  Let's see how this goes...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Honey Hair Company U Part

This evening, I made a purchase from Honey Hair Company.  For quite sometime now, I've been thinking about & surfing the web for human hair half wigs and even a front laces.  This morning, I logged onto YouTube & watched a video that inspired me.  The young lady's hair wasn't long but it was super duper healthy and that's what I'm all about on my personal hair journey.  She went on to say how she had stuck to the hair products that work for her and mainly covering her hair by utilizing her U Part wig.  I have always liked U Part wigs. But I do not have the skills nor patience to make my own.  Anyway, watching her video really got my mind stirring.  She inspired me even more than I already was, to elevate the health of my hair. 

I began thinking about a U Part wig & what hair would I purchase an& who makes them an& how much should I spend. Blah, blah, blah!!!  Okay, so I'm surfing YouTube again and then it hits me.  My girl Renee304, the one and only honey along with her Honey Hair Company.  On her YouTube page, she has a video showing how she washes her Honey Hair U Part.  Then once it was dry, she installed it. After viewing the video, I WAS SOLD!!! I purchased 3 bundles of hair which includes a complimentary U Part.  If I would've sent her another brand of hair, the cost for a U Part is $75.  Hopefully, my Honey Hair U Part gets to me before my trip to Florida at the end of this month. :-) 

Link to Chelseb06 video:

My Poo Cracks A Hair Joke!!

Here's the set up:  Earlier today I was apprehensive to tell my poo about a hair extensions purchase I made.  Mainly, because I spend a lot of money on hair products, salon appointments, weave, styling tools and pretty much anything else hair related.  Not only that, I have been known to spend hours and hours at a time watching hair videos on YouTube & surfing hair websites from my lap top.  Most nights, I fall asleep watching hair videos from my cellphone while in bed.  I know, I know I got it bad. But trust me, I have gotten WAY WAY WAY better.

So anyway there he and I were, sitting in our living room.  I was prepping myself to spill the beans.  I started off by saying, " Babe, I have a confession to make."  He goes, "what?" Then I proceed to tell him I decided to buy some extensions.  So you know what came out of his mouth next right?  "How much?"  All I could do was sit there, with this silly grin on my face.  Here's the funny part, or so at least I though it was. I guess you had to be there, LOL.  He sits next to me then spoke in this serious tone.  "You are way out of control. This is really bad.  At first, you were on hair journey. But now you're on a hair mission."  As soon as he said, "mission." I busted out laughing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bronner Bros. International Hair Show

Last year, I went to the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show in Atlanta, GA.  That was my first time ever going to a hair show.  The exhibition floor was like a massive flea market.  I'm debating on whether I should go this time around or not.  I would like to take advantage of the HUGE discounts from the hair companies that will be present.  Hair products from big name companies are sold at a significantly lower price as well as ceramic irons, hair dryers, wigs & hair extensions.  I was unaware of this my first time going so I didn't bring a lot of money.  This year, the event is being held February 18 -21, 2012.  If I end up going, I'll probably go alone.  My boyfriend went with me last year and it was pure torture for him.  I won't do him like that this year, LOL.  Below is my video footage from last year's event. Please excuse my commentary, you may find it quite annoying.  I was being over dramatic. Sorry, LOL!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair Update

   Last night I washed, conditioned & roller set my hair.  I am really pleased with the results!  Not only does my hair look healthy but it feels healthy too.  I tried some new hair products for the first time. I washed with KeraPro. (Shout out to EbonyCPrincess!)  I conditioned with generic Joico K-Pak Reconstructor.  Then followed that up with ORS' Replenishing Pak.  In my opinion, the ORS was the star player.  As soon as I applied it to my wet hair, it began to feel oh so soft.  I sat under the dryer for about 30 minutes before rinsing the ORS out.  For my roller set,  I used Nairobi wrap foam & Olive Oil Lottabody  ( 1 part solution, 4-5 parts water.)  Once my hair was finally dry (for the most part, lol) I moisturized with BioInfusion Olive Oil lotion & sealed with EVCO.  I have no complaints. All smiles here.  :-)  :-)  :-)

Aerial shot of the back

Do It Yourself?

   I've come to the conclusion that I am not fond of doing my own hair.  To be more specific: I hate washing it, conditioning it, roller setting it & then playing with the set.  But the main reason I do not like doing my own hair is because I TEAR MY BATHROOM DOWN EACH & EVERY TIME .  When I say I have water everywhere, I have it EVERYWHERE.  I have all of my products, spread out right in front of me with no type of organization.  One minute I have my comb and the next I have no clue where I put it.  I am a total wreck!  I'm far from high maintenance but I will admit that I'd rather relax at a shampoo bowl while someone else massages my scalp.  I'd also rather sit in a comfortable chair under a professional hooded dryer compared to the system I have now which is - I sit on top of 2 pillows on the floor with my back leaned up against the sofa while my dryer sits on the sofa so that the hood lands right above my head.  It's not comfortable at all, LOL!  So after tonight,  I think I'm calling it quits because the DIY method doesn't work for me.  My regular stylist charges $45 for a roller set but I go every other week.  So on the weeks that I don't go to her, I think I will go to this Dominican salon near my job.  But their hair products are cheap so I'm going to bring my own, pay them $20 and call it a day.  If only you could see the tornado that comes through my apartment on wash day!  Am I the only one that tears ISH up?   

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Types of Hairdressers

After watching this YouTube video created by a hair stylist, I just knew I had to blog about it.  The title of his video is 3 Types of Hairdresser CLIENTS.  At first I was like, "Uh-uh, no he didn't."  But he does have some valid points.  So it's all good.  Now, it's my turn from a clients point of view to break down 3 Types of Hairdressers.

                                                3 Types of HAIRDRESSERS

  • FATAL ATTRACTION:  This hairdresser is the bomb. This girl can DO some hair! Short hair, long hair, weave, whatever you want she can do it.  Everybody walks out of the salon with their hair LAYED! The problem is she faithfully walks through the salon doors late with 4 heads looking at her.  And don't even think about getting a discount because you were inconvenienced either!  There is nothing you can do but sit there and vent on Facebook or text your friend about her. You text about how she is slow as hell and talks too damn much while she is doing hair, LOL!  But you sit there and wait anyway. Why? Because this girl can DO SOME HAIR.  Unfortunately, she is ALWAYS going out of town and she is super unfocused.  One day this hairdresser is cutting her hours back because she has decided to become a lawyer.  The next days it's a doctor, pastor and an actress.  She is a fatal attraction. 
  • RIDE or DIE CHICK:  This hairdresser is loyal to you because you are loyal to her.  She lets you make last minute appointments and same day appointments.  She will even take you at 6AM.  If you have a special occasion or an event to attend, she will make sure you get out of there on time.  She will show you what she used to achieve your look.  And she will even show you how to maintain it, at home.  Her prices aren't low but they aren't too high.  They are just right, so when you pass her your money and she asks, "do you need change" you say no and leave her with a tip.   

  • THE PLAYA/PIMP/HUSTLER:  This hairdresser is about that dollar-dollar bill y'all.  She charges an arm, a leg & a breast.  She charges for every-little-thing!  And get this, she doesn't even want to wash your hair or even relax it!  She passes those duties off to someone else in the salon until it's time for your hair to actually be styled.  The client is nothing more than a dollar sign to her.  In my opinion, this type of hairdresser is the worst!!!

Have any of you ladies ever sat in the chair of one of these types of hairdressers?  Are their any other types that come to your mind?  Also, what type of client do you consider yourself to be?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Relaxer Day

     Normally I relax at 8 weeks but this time, I decided to relax at 6 weeks.  Mainly because the middle section of my hair began to look & feel weak.  The new growth was strong but my relaxed hair looked like it was holding on for dear life.  I didn't want enormous hair loss in the middle of my head because I waited too long to relax.  Yet, I was still on the fence when I got to hair salon about whether to do it or not.  Collectively, my stylist and I (mainly I) decided to relax.  In addition, I received a deep condition, roller set & a very thorough trim.  I love trims, ahhhhh! :-)  The relaxer she uses is called Syntonics.  She uses this relaxer because it's infused with natural butters & botanicals.  Ninety-five percent of her clients are natural, so she likes to use hair products with natural ingredients on clients that opt for a relaxer.  Boy, I am super satisfied with the outcome.

     One more thing before I go, 4 days ago I did a pre-poo with EVCO before washing & conditioning my hair.  I'm SO glad I did that because it was definitely easier for her to part my hair while applying the relaxer.  I didn't have to worry about feeling like she was ripping through my hair.  There was no gasping or thoughts of me grabbing the comb out of her hand, running through my mind. LOL!  I booked another appointment for next Thursday.  I'm going to get a black rinse & I cannot wait. I'm tired of my dusty dark brown hair color.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair Vent

On Tuesday, January 17 I will be 6 weeks post. And it just so happens that on this very day, I have a hair appointment.  My goal is to wait 8 weeks but I'm tempted to relax on Tuesday. Mainly, because I feel like my hair still needs more cutting and the sooner I get it over with, the better.  (One thing I have to admit is that even though my hair grows at a decent rate, I never retain length because I'm scissor happy.)  I need to learn how to love my hair through thick and thin, LOL!  At this moment, I don't feel 100% like I'm starting this hair journey on the right foot.  I'm losing momentum and having self doubt. I need help.  I'm realizing that I am very critical of my hair.  If  it doesn't feel strong enough, or looks too dry, or if my ends get out of control, I feel like it's the end of my hair world.  Let me say this one more time - I need help, LOL.   The good thing is, I have the solutions: 1. Patience 2. Stick to my plan 3. Stop focusing on what my hair used to look & feel like (with the help of my former hairdresser.)  Hair miracles do not happen overnight.  My indecisiveness kills me. I never go with my first hair instincts and it always bites me in the butt.  Lastly, the past is the past.  I constantly compare other stylists to my former one. I need to believe that my hair can be completely healthy again and to MY liking. But if only it would hurry up...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair of the Day

Last night, I put four purple flexi rods in my hair, two in the back and two on the sides.  All flexi rods were vertical.  For my bangs/swoop, I created one big pin curl using a silver clip.  When I got up this morning, I knew I wasn't going to wear my hair down because it was too-too curly for taste, lol.  So instead, I opted for a low maintenance do: two loose flat twists on each side of my head going towards the back.  From the front of my face, it puts me in the mind of a faux hawk. But from the back, it makes me think of a wedding hairstyle.

The 1st two pics were taken from my cell phone. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Longing for Length 6 Month Rollersetting Challenge

Okay, so today marks the first of many roller sets for the next 6 months. I decided to join Ebony C Princess' Roller Setting challenge. This means no direct heat for me. I went to the salon today and my experience was not hot. So instead of going every week, I think I will go every two weeks.  It saves money!!  I have rollers, clips, a hair steamer and a hair dryer.  But I can honestly say that I no longer have staple hair products (like a go to shampoo & conditioner) so that's a challenge within a challenge.  As for my setting lotion (which I believe is key,)  I'm going to purchase Silky Milk by Straight Request.  I will also look into what Ebony and the other ladies participating in the RSC are using for a setting lotion.

Salon Visit 1/5/12 Wash, Moisturizing DC & Roller Set

Hair w/ Camera Flash

Hair w/o Camera Flash