Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Types of Hairdressers

After watching this YouTube video created by a hair stylist, I just knew I had to blog about it.  The title of his video is 3 Types of Hairdresser CLIENTS.  At first I was like, "Uh-uh, no he didn't."  But he does have some valid points.  So it's all good.  Now, it's my turn from a clients point of view to break down 3 Types of Hairdressers.

                                                3 Types of HAIRDRESSERS

  • FATAL ATTRACTION:  This hairdresser is the bomb. This girl can DO some hair! Short hair, long hair, weave, whatever you want she can do it.  Everybody walks out of the salon with their hair LAYED! The problem is she faithfully walks through the salon doors late with 4 heads looking at her.  And don't even think about getting a discount because you were inconvenienced either!  There is nothing you can do but sit there and vent on Facebook or text your friend about her. You text about how she is slow as hell and talks too damn much while she is doing hair, LOL!  But you sit there and wait anyway. Why? Because this girl can DO SOME HAIR.  Unfortunately, she is ALWAYS going out of town and she is super unfocused.  One day this hairdresser is cutting her hours back because she has decided to become a lawyer.  The next days it's a doctor, pastor and an actress.  She is a fatal attraction. 
  • RIDE or DIE CHICK:  This hairdresser is loyal to you because you are loyal to her.  She lets you make last minute appointments and same day appointments.  She will even take you at 6AM.  If you have a special occasion or an event to attend, she will make sure you get out of there on time.  She will show you what she used to achieve your look.  And she will even show you how to maintain it, at home.  Her prices aren't low but they aren't too high.  They are just right, so when you pass her your money and she asks, "do you need change" you say no and leave her with a tip.   

  • THE PLAYA/PIMP/HUSTLER:  This hairdresser is about that dollar-dollar bill y'all.  She charges an arm, a leg & a breast.  She charges for every-little-thing!  And get this, she doesn't even want to wash your hair or even relax it!  She passes those duties off to someone else in the salon until it's time for your hair to actually be styled.  The client is nothing more than a dollar sign to her.  In my opinion, this type of hairdresser is the worst!!!

Have any of you ladies ever sat in the chair of one of these types of hairdressers?  Are their any other types that come to your mind?  Also, what type of client do you consider yourself to be?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Relaxer Day

     Normally I relax at 8 weeks but this time, I decided to relax at 6 weeks.  Mainly because the middle section of my hair began to look & feel weak.  The new growth was strong but my relaxed hair looked like it was holding on for dear life.  I didn't want enormous hair loss in the middle of my head because I waited too long to relax.  Yet, I was still on the fence when I got to hair salon about whether to do it or not.  Collectively, my stylist and I (mainly I) decided to relax.  In addition, I received a deep condition, roller set & a very thorough trim.  I love trims, ahhhhh! :-)  The relaxer she uses is called Syntonics.  She uses this relaxer because it's infused with natural butters & botanicals.  Ninety-five percent of her clients are natural, so she likes to use hair products with natural ingredients on clients that opt for a relaxer.  Boy, I am super satisfied with the outcome.

     One more thing before I go, 4 days ago I did a pre-poo with EVCO before washing & conditioning my hair.  I'm SO glad I did that because it was definitely easier for her to part my hair while applying the relaxer.  I didn't have to worry about feeling like she was ripping through my hair.  There was no gasping or thoughts of me grabbing the comb out of her hand, running through my mind. LOL!  I booked another appointment for next Thursday.  I'm going to get a black rinse & I cannot wait. I'm tired of my dusty dark brown hair color.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair Vent

On Tuesday, January 17 I will be 6 weeks post. And it just so happens that on this very day, I have a hair appointment.  My goal is to wait 8 weeks but I'm tempted to relax on Tuesday. Mainly, because I feel like my hair still needs more cutting and the sooner I get it over with, the better.  (One thing I have to admit is that even though my hair grows at a decent rate, I never retain length because I'm scissor happy.)  I need to learn how to love my hair through thick and thin, LOL!  At this moment, I don't feel 100% like I'm starting this hair journey on the right foot.  I'm losing momentum and having self doubt. I need help.  I'm realizing that I am very critical of my hair.  If  it doesn't feel strong enough, or looks too dry, or if my ends get out of control, I feel like it's the end of my hair world.  Let me say this one more time - I need help, LOL.   The good thing is, I have the solutions: 1. Patience 2. Stick to my plan 3. Stop focusing on what my hair used to look & feel like (with the help of my former hairdresser.)  Hair miracles do not happen overnight.  My indecisiveness kills me. I never go with my first hair instincts and it always bites me in the butt.  Lastly, the past is the past.  I constantly compare other stylists to my former one. I need to believe that my hair can be completely healthy again and to MY liking. But if only it would hurry up...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair of the Day

Last night, I put four purple flexi rods in my hair, two in the back and two on the sides.  All flexi rods were vertical.  For my bangs/swoop, I created one big pin curl using a silver clip.  When I got up this morning, I knew I wasn't going to wear my hair down because it was too-too curly for taste, lol.  So instead, I opted for a low maintenance do: two loose flat twists on each side of my head going towards the back.  From the front of my face, it puts me in the mind of a faux hawk. But from the back, it makes me think of a wedding hairstyle.

The 1st two pics were taken from my cell phone. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Longing for Length 6 Month Rollersetting Challenge

Okay, so today marks the first of many roller sets for the next 6 months. I decided to join Ebony C Princess' Roller Setting challenge. This means no direct heat for me. I went to the salon today and my experience was not hot. So instead of going every week, I think I will go every two weeks.  It saves money!!  I have rollers, clips, a hair steamer and a hair dryer.  But I can honestly say that I no longer have staple hair products (like a go to shampoo & conditioner) so that's a challenge within a challenge.  As for my setting lotion (which I believe is key,)  I'm going to purchase Silky Milk by Straight Request.  I will also look into what Ebony and the other ladies participating in the RSC are using for a setting lotion.

Salon Visit 1/5/12 Wash, Moisturizing DC & Roller Set

Hair w/ Camera Flash

Hair w/o Camera Flash