Friday, February 17, 2012

Honey Hair Company U Part

This evening, I made a purchase from Honey Hair Company.  For quite sometime now, I've been thinking about & surfing the web for human hair half wigs and even a front laces.  This morning, I logged onto YouTube & watched a video that inspired me.  The young lady's hair wasn't long but it was super duper healthy and that's what I'm all about on my personal hair journey.  She went on to say how she had stuck to the hair products that work for her and mainly covering her hair by utilizing her U Part wig.  I have always liked U Part wigs. But I do not have the skills nor patience to make my own.  Anyway, watching her video really got my mind stirring.  She inspired me even more than I already was, to elevate the health of my hair. 

I began thinking about a U Part wig & what hair would I purchase an& who makes them an& how much should I spend. Blah, blah, blah!!!  Okay, so I'm surfing YouTube again and then it hits me.  My girl Renee304, the one and only honey along with her Honey Hair Company.  On her YouTube page, she has a video showing how she washes her Honey Hair U Part.  Then once it was dry, she installed it. After viewing the video, I WAS SOLD!!! I purchased 3 bundles of hair which includes a complimentary U Part.  If I would've sent her another brand of hair, the cost for a U Part is $75.  Hopefully, my Honey Hair U Part gets to me before my trip to Florida at the end of this month. :-) 

Link to Chelseb06 video:


  1. OMG that is an amazing deal! I've made 2 of my own "u-part" wigs but as I've said on my blog would prefer to buy them, so I feel exactly where you are coming from! Can't wait to see your results.