Friday, February 17, 2012

My Poo Cracks A Hair Joke!!

Here's the set up:  Earlier today I was apprehensive to tell my poo about a hair extensions purchase I made.  Mainly, because I spend a lot of money on hair products, salon appointments, weave, styling tools and pretty much anything else hair related.  Not only that, I have been known to spend hours and hours at a time watching hair videos on YouTube & surfing hair websites from my lap top.  Most nights, I fall asleep watching hair videos from my cellphone while in bed.  I know, I know I got it bad. But trust me, I have gotten WAY WAY WAY better.

So anyway there he and I were, sitting in our living room.  I was prepping myself to spill the beans.  I started off by saying, " Babe, I have a confession to make."  He goes, "what?" Then I proceed to tell him I decided to buy some extensions.  So you know what came out of his mouth next right?  "How much?"  All I could do was sit there, with this silly grin on my face.  Here's the funny part, or so at least I though it was. I guess you had to be there, LOL.  He sits next to me then spoke in this serious tone.  "You are way out of control. This is really bad.  At first, you were on hair journey. But now you're on a hair mission."  As soon as he said, "mission." I busted out laughing!

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  1. I am the same way. I watch hair videos on my phone b4 I go to sleep. I also spend a lot of time on amazon looking at product reviews. My Love knows I have it bad. He jokes that every time he gets on amazon a bung of hair related recommendations pop up. He says that's how he knows what I have been look at. Good thing is I don't purchase on impulse. If it's not in my hair budget I don't buy it.