Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Chop

     Yes, the title is correct. I - BIG - CHOPPED.  But it was so unintentional.  Here's what happened:  I took my braids out. Applied conditioner to my hair first, then detangled.  Instead of washing my hair thick ol' transitioning hair in a downward motion, I used all 10 fingertips & massaged my scalp & washed my hair in every which way I wanted to.  I was washing my hair as if  I had a fresh relaxer!  I didn't catch my wrong doing until after I finished shampooing & couldn't understand why my hair was all tangled- then it hit me!  At this point, I was sleepy & my arms were tired. So I cut & hacked my way through the tangles with a pair of shears.  The right side of my head, in the very front was completely chopped down to the natural hair.  I lost good sleep that night..

     The next morning, I woke up & cut to the point of no turning back.  I figured that I was going natural anyway & I didn't plan on being a long term transitioner either.  I went to a hair salon to for them to finish the job for me to all the relaxed ends completely off.  I also got a wash, deep condition & coil style.  I'm not feeling the coil style.  It's not me. Fortunately, I purchased a wig that I really like & will feel comfortable in.  I'll wear the wig to work & my own hair when I'm out with my boyfriend.  He loves my hair like this.  The brother keeps suggesting me to get dreadlocks.  It's too funny.  Anyway, my hair picks are below.  Go easy on me. :-)

On my way to the salon, to get the rest of the relaxed ends off.
All done now. Not feeling it but hey...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Transition Do: Box Braids

     I'm currently 17 weeks post relaxer.  And for the past month, I've been wearing my hair in box braids.  Even though I miss touching my real hair, I really enjoy my braids.  Getting ready takes no time now.  I've washed my braids on two occasions using Shea Moisture shampoo and applied a leave in conditioner afterward.  I feel like a creamy conditioner would be too heavy & possibly leave a residue, so I've opted to go the watery leave in route instead.  Every other day or when my hair feels dry, I spray it with water and seal with extra virgin coconut oil.  My only challenge are my edges.  My boyfriend calls them Beedeebee's. They curl up & feel very dry, crispy, crunchy, you get my point.  Right now, my only solution has been to spray my edges with water then apply Nature's Brew Hair Butter to them. The Nature's Brew has made a difference for the better.  Before that, I was alternating between castor oil & coconut oil which didn't do much to soften my edges.  Below are some photos of my braids.